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[802.3_10SPE] Comment reports posted, PAR modifications passed NesCom.

Thank you all for the productive task force review comments.  The initial comment reports are uploaded to the website ( ), without any proposed resolutions (your editors are working hard on those).

Just a word of note – the comment numbering starts at 194 (we aren’t missing the first 193 comments).  This is due to an issue in the way the comment tool partitions databases and to make it easier for your editors to cross-reference comment numbers in their proposed resolutions.  There are many linked comments.

In the future, when you have a single issue that has multiple places it impacts, please try to identify a MASTER COMMENT, (give the issue a name) and then tag the related comments somehow (#ISSUENAME) to make it easier to propose resolutions and for the task force to resolve the main issue.  The editors will try to do it themselves where they see it, but there is the chance they may miss subtleties and either lump things together which are separate or separate things that are really the same decision.



In other news, David Law has informed me that the NesCom teleconference meeting has recommended approval of the IEEE P802.3cg PAR modification request.  The recommendation will now go for a 10 day email ballot of the IEEE-SA Standards Board.



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