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[802.3_10SPE] Update, Request and Reminder - Presentation deadlines and Presentations related to comments

Our schedule for preparation for the upcoming meeting was announced as:

While our editorial team has been preparing proposed resolutions to your comments for release Monday May 7, we have found that there are many comments that truly need their supporting presentations to understand and evaluate.  The editorial team has worked hard to collate the issues from the comments and ad hoc presentations, but a fair consideration of the issues by the Task Force will require significant pre-work.


While our presentation request deadline is Monday the week before the meeting, which would be Monday May 14, I STRONGLY URGE YOU, to get a reasonable draft of presentations supporting your comments to me by end of day Monday May 7.  Without a presentation, it will be difficult for the Task Force to review the issues.  Additionally, please reference the comment numbers the presentation relates to.


Your comments were submitted nearly 2 weeks prior – I would think that is more than enough time to have a presentation explaining what you are asking for and why it is needed.  You can update the presentations, so there really is no reason to not have something.


I plan to post the presentations related to comments beginning end-of-day Monday, so that they may be posted alongside the comments and proposed resolutions.


We have a lot of work to do in Pittsburgh, and some of you have come in with significant, sometimes intertwined proposals – please try to be early.  Under no circumstances be late (after May 17).  I plan to be de-prioritizing late contributions, even those related to comments.


If you have already sent presentation files, please resend them to me, with the subject “presentation request for May” and, if possible, in the email provide the relevant comment numbers.




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Technical Committee Chair, Ethernet Alliance

Chair, IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force

Principal Member, NFPA – NEC Code Making Panel 3 for Ethernet Alliance

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications





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