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[802.3_10SPE] 802.3cg draft 2.0 and compare versions to draft 1.3 posted

Thank you all, our files for this meeting are posted, including draft 2.0 of 802.3cg and compare versions to the draft 1.3 (all in the private area) which was previewed in anticipation of going to working group ballot. 


A summary of the changes made is below:

  • General - Editorial cleanup (e.g., all: - removing leftover “twisted pair” references, Cl 22: “RS” for “Reconciliation Sublayer”, Cl 45: Footer notes on tables with “R/W”, removal of Editor’s “reminder” notes, verb tenses, capitalization, etc.)
  • Cl 30 & 45 - Inserting management parameters for PLCA – max ID, Local Node ID, and TO Timer settings –registers and MIB objects.
  • Cl 45 - Cleanup of (Cl 45) register space for 10BASE-T1S – deleted functions not relevant to T1S: training register, LPI monitors, PCS blocking, link status), resulted in deletion of T1S Training register and T1S PCS Status register 2)
  • Cl 45 - Removal of OAM register control and status for OAM channel for 10BASE-T1S. (Cl 45) (Big ticket item)
  • Cl 45 – Insertion of ‘multidrop mode’ status and control for T1S
  • Cl 45 – Insertion of missing PLCA reset bit inadvertently omitted.
  • Cl 146 – Editorial (“can” for “may” and moving a label in Figure for alien crosstalk noise test), removal of editor’s notes from prior drafts, insertion of editor’s notes referencing cabling and IEC EMC test specifications under development, editorial on the link segment EMC/MICE tables (e.g., insertion of >=)
  • Cl 147: Resolve timing TBDs – including removal of “MBd” notation (confusing for DME and not necessary)
  • Cl 147: Adoption of revised preamble (JJHH) and associated text (mainly in PCS receive)
  • Cl 147: Editorial - Insertion of block diagram figures and removal of editor’s notes
  • Cl 147: PMA transmit voltage specifications
  • Cl 147: Insertion of alien crosstalk rejection test and figure
  • Cl 147: PHY delay specification
  • Cl 148: Text related to management parameters for PLCA (above) and removal of editor’s notes.


Thank you all for a productive week.  If you have questions regarding progression to working group ballot, please feel free to ask.


George A. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chair, IEEE P802.3cg 10Mbps Single Pair Ethernet Task Force

President & Principal Consultant

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in PHYsical Layer Communications




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