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[802.3_10SPE] Logistics for 802.3cg meeting on wednesday

I hope you are all ready for a busy and productive 3 days.  We have a lot of comments, but also over 20 presentations – at least 16 of which are directly related to big ticket item issues.

A few logistics:

  1. We start at 8am tomorrow.  Expect us to start on time.
  2. When we break, in the past I have gone out and gotten people.  That won’t happen.  We will start on time after breaks and go on if the presenter isn’t there.  Please be prompt.
  3. Our plan for comment resolution is to introduce the big ticket item presentations early, and try to see where consensus lies and needs to be built tomorrow.  Then Valerie and her team will go into resolving individual comments.
  4. I will be running the meeting to time limits for discussion. Individual comments will be limited at 5 minutes.  If we appear stuck, we will move on – identifying areas where offline consensus needs to be built.
  5. We will have an average of 15 minutes for presentation and discussion of presentations related to big ticket items.  I will be asking presenters to summarize and try to finish in 10 minutes.  Discussion will be capped as well so we don’t go much over 15 minutes total. Try to use discussion not for long speeches but to clarify points or build consensus.


See you all in the morning.



George A. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Chair, IEEE P802.3cg 10Mbps Single Pair Ethernet Task Force

President & Principal Consultant

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in PHYsical Layer Communications




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