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[802.3_10SPE] Failure modes of T1S (especially in multidrop mode)

Dear P802.3cg Task Force Members,


As per the background discussions, allow me please to draw your kind attention to the interoperability aspects of the failure modes, now that multidrop is being considered again, this time in more strenuous environments, having tight requirements.


In the past, in out multidrop networks we have experienced wide spectrum of problems where specific software/hardware faults local to a station caused the whole segment either to flat out fail or start behaving in a hard-to-catch, unpredictable/erratic manner.


Through this email, I would like to see if there:

  • is any interest in proposing text for at least clause 147 with regards to how the PHY should behave under detectable internal (in-PHY) and external (MII):
    • software faults, beyond JABBER and MAC reset (including invalid signal behavior, misconfiguration, spurious resets)
    • hardware faults (including invalid voltages, oscillation, internal supervisions)
  • have been any discussions on this on your sides


In more details, from where I am sitting the task seems to be to consider what:

  • faults can be completely alleviated (by design requirements), or at least detected and countered by the PHY
  • should happen when these faults appear (would force to open and wait reset be the right action?)
  • text (changes) would be good to cover these aspects, as far as interoperability goes


Yours sincerely




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