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[802.3_10SPE] 10BASE-T1S configurable TX Vpp

Dear P802.3cg Task Force Members,


Permit me please to approach with a matter and hand which has been in the queue for a while on our side.


As you certainly know, there are efforts to allow a larger node count and/or reach to be achieved on a mixing segment and – after talking to the experts – it seemed that one obvious means to achieve this, without changing anything else, would be increasing the transmit voltage.


While e.g. in automotive this would raise compatibility/interference concerns, for some industrial use-cases this may not be an issue, while the plus side (higher reach, more stations, better immunity) could be prominent.


To avoid interference (pun intended) with what has already done, higher TX Vpp could be specified as an optional feature.

This email is to see there is interest in the group to see this happen.

Please feel free to reply to the reflector, or to me in private.


Yours sincerely




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