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[802.3_10SPE] Presentation requests for Bangkok

All – Happy Friday.  I am reminding you to get me your presentation requests by Monday.  While our usual practice is by Monday AoE, if you can get me your request earlier, it will be appreciated.  We have much to do, and the travel time to Bangkok is longer than usual.

The deadlines are below, and I plan to be stricter than usual.  I will NOT be fitting late presentations in to the agenda ahead of time, nor do I plan to post them until I get to Thailand.  The group will have to vote to hear them.  Given our workload, I think this will be tight – so please – just make it easy and get your requests in by Monday and your slides in by Thursday.  Don’t stretch it out.





  • The presenter shall request time by Monday (AoE) of the week preceding the meeting. (This is later than most groups, and it is only a request – PLEASE stick to it)
  • Presentations themselves are due Thursday (AoE) of the week preceding the meeting. (Presentations may be updated with the groups’ consent)
  • Requests shall be submitted by sending an email to the chair. The presenter shall provide the following information:




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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