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[802.3_10SPE] Q on CL147.1 new text on half-duplex -- before spending further time commenting...

To whomever is knowledgeable on CL147 half-duplex,

I noticed odd (perhaps only to me) paragraph changes in D2.2 of .3cg in CL147, 147.1 second paragraph.  It said

"The 10BASE-T1S PHY is specified to be capable of operating at 10 Mb/s in several modes. All
10BASE-T1S PHYs can operate a half-duplex PHY with a single link partner over a point-to-point link segment defined in 147.7, and, additionally, there are two mutually exclusive optional operating modes: a fullduplex point-to-point mode over the link segment defined in 147.7, and a half-duplex shared-medium mode, referred to as multidrop mode, capable of operating with multiple link partners connected to a mixing segment, defined in 147.8. The cabling supporting the operation of the 10BASE-T1S PHY is defined in terms of performance requirements between the attachment points (Medium Dependent Interface (MDI)), allowing implementers to specify their own cabling to operate the 10BASE-T1S PHY as long as the normative requirements included in this clause are met."

QUESTION:  Red text and blue text above seem to contradict each other.  I am assuming the red text " can operate a half-duplex PHY with a single link partne" is in error.  And the blue text is correct.   Please confirm (or correct my assumption)   Thank you!

best regards,

Yong Kim, affiliation: NIO.

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