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[802.3_10SPE] Interpretation SEND_BEACON/SYNCING Clause 148

Hi All, Hi Piergiorgio,


I have an interpretation question regarding the exit condition from SEND_BEACON. Specifically the interoperation between SEND_BEACON and SYNCING.

Let’s assume there is a large delay between feeding tx_cmd = BEACON until it is received back as rx_cmd. Let’s also assume local_nodeID=0 is in SEND_BEACON state and BEACON_TIMER has expired. So the BEACON was transmitted, but is not yet received back. That would mean that the SYNCING state is entered with rx_cmd!=BEACON (because it is not there yet), so SYNCING is more or less skipped. Is this an issue because the beacon will confuse the PHY and force it into EARLY_RECEIVE and eventually RECOVER?


I think what is intended is that you enter SYNCING, while still receiving the BEACON and hence consuming it in the SYNCING state.



Philip Axer

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