IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force

802.3 Interim Meeting, January 9-11, 2017

Huntington Beach, CA, USA (last updated: 03/13/17 10:09PM PACIFIC US time)



Note: “(ver 01a)” or similar, indicates the version has been updated since the initial upload – check these for new files




Agenda (ver 01a)

George Zimmerman, Acting Chair, 802.3cg Task Force

CME Consulting/Commscope, LTC, Aquantia

Confirmed Minutes (corrected & confirmed 3/13/17)

Jon Lewis


Motions and Straw Polls

George Zimmerman, Acting Chair

CME Consulting/Commscope, LTC, Aquantia

Ad hoc report

Peter Jones, Ad Hoc Chair

Cisco Systems

Submitted Presentations…

ISO/IEC SC25 WG3: Who are they and what can they do for 802.3cg?

Alan Flatman, ISO/IEC SC25 WG3 Liaison to IEEE 802.3

LAN Technologies, Independent

Tutorial: Characteristics & Requirements of Physical Networks in the Process Industry

Brian Franchuk

Emerson Automation Solutions

Link Segment and Channel

Geoff Thompson


Link Segment Baseline Proposal (ver 01a)

Chris Diminico

MC Communications/Panduit

PHY Ideas

Steffen Graber


Powering use cases

Bob Voss


DC Powering

Steffen Graber


xBASE-T1 Auto-Negotiation (ver 01a)

Brett McClellan


PD Power, Vpse and Rcable

Chad Jones

Cisco Systems

Update on PHY Terms and Parameters (TBD – subject to Task Force consent)

Claude Gauthier


Powering Discussion (“profiles” and use cases – generated during the meeting – to be a working list)

Jean Picard

Texas Instruments


Incoming Liaison:       ODVA to IEEE 802.3 Liaison Request, January 2017


Outgoing Liaison draft:          Proposed Liaison Response to ODVA

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