IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force

802.3 Plenary Meeting, July 10-11, 2017

Berlin, Germany (excluding LTSpice ZIP)



Note: “(ver 01a)” or similar, indicates the version has been updated since the initial upload – check these for new files




Agenda (ver 01b – representing day 1 progress)

George Zimmerman, Chair, IEEE P802.3cg Task Force

CME Consulting/ADI, APL Group, BMW, Cisco, Commscope, LTC

Unconfirmed Minutes (generated from mtg)

Jon Lewis, Recording Secretary


Motions and Straw Polls (rev a – mtg close) (generated from mtg)

George Zimmerman, Chair

CME Consulting/…

Ad hoc report

Peter Jones, Ad Hoc Chair

Cisco Systems

Liaison reports: TIA TR42, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, ODVA

(no presentations)

Valerie Maguire TR42 Liaison

Alan Flatman, ISO/IEC Liaison

David D. Brandt, ODVA Liaison

Siemon Company

LAN Technologies/Independent

Rockwell Automation

Submitted Presentations (approximate order of agenda)

Cabling and Connectors

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, Single-pair channels specifications, investigation (rev a)

Dave Hess

Cord Data

IEEE 802.3cg LC Copper Connector Interface for enterprise networking applications

Masood Shariff and Scott Keith


IEC standardization update (Withdrawn)

Bernd Horrmeyer

Phoenix Contact

Analysis of connector S-parameters for 10SPE

Eric DiBiaso, Bert Bergner

TE Connectivity

Addendum to “Primary Drive Noise Measurements” (LATE – rev c)

David Brandt

Rockwell Automation


“Engineered” power delivery 1000 m Link Segment (rev a)

Chris Diminico

MC Comm./Cu-Test / PHY-SI / Panduit

Short Reach and Multidrop

Clause 98 for 10SPE@15m (rev b)

Kirsten Matheus

George Zimmerman


CME Consulting/BMW

Short/Mid-Reach10SPE PHY with Multipoint (rev b)

Claude Gauthier


Short-reach/FR-4 use case and link segment (rev a)

Jon Lewis

Dell EMC

Discussion of Multidrop Access Methods (rev a)

David Brandt

Rockwell Automation

Multidrop PHY Simulation (LATE)

David Brandt

Rockwell Automation

Long Reach PHY

PCS Layer Ideas

Steffen Graber


Coupling Network and MDI Return Loss

(LT Spice II Files)

Steffen Graber


Use Cases

Update on non-industrial use cases

Jon Lewis


Preparing for the Draft…

Editor’s Report: IEEE P802.3cg Draft 0.1

Valerie Maguire (Editor)

Siemon Company

802.3 Draft Development Process (not late, forgotten by your Chair – apologies)

Valerie Maguire (Editor)

Siemon Company


Work from meeting:

Straw Polls on Multidrop

George Zimmerman (Chair) + Task Force

CME Consulting/(various)

Incoming Liaisons:


 TIA TR-42 liaison to IEEE 802.3 regarding single-pair cabling standards 


Outgoing Liaison drafts: (if any generated in meeting):

Proposed draft liaison to ISO/IEC SC25 WG3

Alan Flatman

LAN Technologies/Independent

Proposed draft liaison to TIA TR42

Masood Shariff




Working documents: (if any generated in meeting):



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