IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force

802 Plenary Meeting, Mar. 5-6, 2018

Rosemont, IL USA (7:55AM PDT 3/13/18)



Note: “(ver 01a)” or similar, indicates the version has been updated since the initial upload – check these for new files




Agenda (01e)

George Zimmerman, Chair, IEEE P802.3cg Task Force

CME Consulting/ADI, APL Group, BMW, Cisco, Commscope, LTC

Unconfirmed Minutes (rev a)

Jon Lewis, Recording Secretary


Motions and Straw Polls

George Zimmerman, Chair

CME Consulting/…

Ad hoc report (none given)

Peter Jones, Ad Hoc Chair

Cisco Systems

Editor’s Opening Report


Late Comments (none yet)

Valerie Maguire, IEEE P802.3cg Chief Editor

Siemon Company

Editor’s Closing Report (to be updated during the meeting)

Valerie Maguire, IEEE P802.3cg Chief Editor

Siemon Company

Submitted Presentations (order of the agenda will be comment resolution, then non-comment presentations)

Presentations related to comments

Comment 19: PCS Receive State Diagram

Steffen Graber


Comment 43: MDIO Register Mapping

Steffen Graber


Comment 45: Clause 98 Timer Values

Steffen Graber


Comment 56: Intrinsically Safe Applications (rev a)

Steffen Graber


Comments 71 & 72: 10BASE-T1L link segment return loss

Chris DiMinico

MC Communications/Panduit

Comment 74: Open issues on the 1000m link specification Draft 1.0 (12/20/17 adhoc, pp. 5-7)

Dieter Schicketanz

Reutinglen Univ.

Comment 74: Link Segment Mode Conversion

Chris Diminico

MC Communications/Panduit

Comments 77, 98-101: Automotive Environmental Requirements (also a contribution to 802.3ch)

Natalie Wienckowski


Comments 77 & 79: 10BASE-T1S MDI voltage tolerance and multi-drop powering (rev a as presented)

Chad Jones

Lennart Yseboodt

Cisco Systems


Comments 111, 113-116, 121: Clause 147 figures

Piergiorgio Beruto


Comment 134/135: Details for MDI connector specification according to IEC 61076-3-125 (02 version)

Matthias Fritsche


Comment 154: Figure 147-1

Conrad Zerna

Fraunhofer IIS

Comments 148, 149, 155: TX amplitude, PSD and Emissions (b version)

Conrad Zerna

Fraunhofer IIS

Comments 148, 149, 155: EMC/EMI measurements on 10BASE-T1S evaluation boards

Piergiorgio Beruto


Comments 109, 110, 112-120, 123-5, 127, 130-1, 133, 144-5: Graphical view of proposed resolutions (Cl 147, 148) (LATE)

Piergiorgio Beruto


PMA Electricals, PMD, Mixing Segment, and MDI Skeleton Proposal for 10BASE-T1S in D1.2 (LATE generated during meeting) rev a

George Zimmerman

CME Consulting/ADI, APL Group, Aquantia, BMW, Cisco, Commscope

Presentations Not Related to Comments (as time permits)

IEEE P802.3cg Mixing Segment Node Loading

David Brandt, Scott T. Griffiths

Rockwell Automation

10BASE-T1L Noise Test

Steffen Graber

Marcel Medina



10BASE-T1S Scrambler Analysis (updated 3/6)

Hongming An


10BASE-T1S Data-Rate Fairness (rev a)

Sujan Pandey


Objectives and project documentation

Proposed Changes to 802.3cg 10SPE PAR & CSD Responding to comments from 802.11 and James Gilb (generated during the meeting)

George Zimmerman

Jon Lewis

CME Consulting (*)

Dell EMC


Incoming: TIA TR42 to IEEE 802.3 on Single Balanced Pair Topics

Attachments (password protected w/802 credentials)

 (these are links to the 802 March Plenary minutes)


Valerie Maguire, incoming TIA TR42 liaison officer

Incoming: ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 to IEEE 802.3 on 1-pair cabling


James Withey, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3 liaison officer


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