IEEE P802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Ethernet Task Force

802.3 Interim Meeting, May 24-26, 2017

New Orleans, LA USA (except for noise ZIP, last updated: 07/8/17 2:39PM Pacific US time)



Note: “(ver 01a)” or similar, indicates the version has been updated since the initial upload – check these for new files




Agenda (ver 01b)

George Zimmerman, Chair, IEEE P802.3cg Task Force

CME Consulting/ADI, APL Group, BMW, Cisco, Commscope, LTC

Unconfirmed Minutes (generated from mtg)

Jon Lewis, Recording Secretary


Motions and Straw Polls (01b) (generated from mtg)

George Zimmerman, Acting Chair

CME Consulting/…

Ad hoc report

Peter Jones, Ad Hoc Chair

Cisco Systems

Liaison reports: TIA TR42, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, ODVA

(no presentations)

Valerie Maguire TR42 Liaison

Alan Flatman, ISO/IEC Liaison

David D. Brandt, ODVA Liaison

Siemon Company

LAN Technologies/Independent

Rockwell Automation

Submitted Presentations (approximate order of agenda)

Considerations and Measurements of Noise for the Industrial Link Segment

Markus Wucher


Noise Measurements Update

Noise file archived data (zip file)

Steffen Graber


IEEE 802.3cg STP Noise Test Setup

Bryan Moffitt


History of the 75mV Noise Level for Long Reach Cabling (rev b)

Brian Franchuk, Martin Zielinski


Drive Noise Measurements (rev b)

David Brandt

Rockwell Automation

10SPE@15m multidrop and TSN (rev b)

Kirsten Matheus


10SPE Automotive PHY channel consideration - time domain simulation (rev a)

Christoph Wechsler

Audi AG

Timeline Discussion

George Zimmerman

Timeline Discussion

802.3cg in Support of 1-pair for Premises and Data Center IOT (rev a)

Masood Shariff, Bryan Moffitt


Smart Building Use Cases & Requirements (rev a)

Tom Herbst

Herbst, LLC/Independent

Do we need an intermediate link segment?

George Zimmerman

CME Consulting, Inc

Industrial Applications Link Segment Electromagnetic Noise Environment

Chris Diminico

MC Communications/Cu-Test/PHY-SI/ Panduit

Evaluation board Update (& demonstration)

Steffen Graber


PAM-3 PHY Baseline Proposal (rev a)

Steffen Graber


Block PCS discussion (as presented)

Brett McClellan


Link Segment DCR and Use Case Power Requirements

Chris Diminico

MC Communications/Panduit

DC resistance and powering scenarios

George Zimmerman

CME Consulting/ADI & LTC

Long Leash PoDL

Heath Stewart

Linear Technology/ADI

Additional Non-Industrial Use Cases for 10SPE (rev a – LATE)

Peter Jones


Proposal: PHY Noise-Signal for the Industrial Link Segment (generated during meeting)

Harald Mueller



Incoming Liaisons: (none received):



Outgoing Liaison drafts: (if any generated in meeting):

Proposed draft liaison to TIA TR42.7 on IEEE 802.3cg 10 Mb/s Single Twisted Pair Task Force use cases for in-building applications (withdrawn)

Masood Shariff





Working documents: (if any generated in meeting):

Discussion outputs



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