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[802.3_NGAUTO] Wednesday 5/15 ad hoc - website update

Thank you to our presenters for tomorrow.  We will have an ad hoc, and will have a full agenda.

The files and agenda are uploaded.  In addition to a review of STP cable measurements from Taketo Kumada (who will not be present to show these next week), we have  a preview of four PHY contributions for next week.  The time will be kept fairly strictly as we have a lot of presentations, and the presentations will be approximately 15 minutes per speaker, including questions. and I urge you all to focus on questions of clarification.  If we keep to time, we should have some time for group discussion/Q&A at the end.  The presentations are listed below, as well as being on the website.


Hopefully this will help our presenters refine their presentations and build some consensus and common ground before the meeting next week.





STP cable Measurement result

of TCL, ELTCL and coupling attenuation

Taketo Kumada


TX-PSD for PAM-M for Multi-Gig Automotive PHY and TX-PSD MASK

Peter Wu


Bandwidth, Modulation and SNR Comparison for Multi-Gigabit Automotive PHY

Tom Souvignier


2.5G and 10G PHYs Modulation

Scheme Proposal

Sujan Pandey


Power/Area Tradeoffs in Multi-Gig BASE-T1 PHYs

Ramin Farjadrad

George Zimmerman


CME Consulting / Aquantia



Thank you again to our presenters,



George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

President & Principal

CME Consulting, Inc.

Experts in Advanced PHYsical Communications




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