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[802.3_NGAUTO] Comments on Mike Tu's Presentation "Converging on Framing and Training - August 22, 2018"

I apologize, I tried to comment during the meeting but my audio was not working.


Regarding Mike Tu's presentation - the choice of PCS, FEC, and baud rate are all tied together and cannot be independently chosen.  For instance you should have an integral number of PCS frames in the FEC frame, and of the proposals listed, 65 does not divide evenly into any of the FECs.  Consider Clause 134 which uses RS1024 (544,514) - 514 x 10 is a multiple of 257, and the rate multiplier is 5440/5120 = 17/16.  So we need to pick the FEC and the PCS together given the rate ratio of 9/8 instead of independently.




Paul Langner

Aquantia Corporation



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