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[802.3_NGAUTO] Table 98B-1 Technology Ability Field bit assignments proposal


As many of  you are aware, both 802.3cg and our group are creating specifications for 1-pair PHYs.  This means we are both adding definitions to Table 98B-1 Technology Ability Field bit assignments.  802.3bp left a reserved bit between 100BASE-T1 ability and 1000BASE-T1 ability.  802.3cg has continued this practice in their document.

I have put the following proposal together considering current PHYs, PHYs under development, and potential future PHYs to ensure that we have these defined in a logical order with room for potential future PHYs.  This proposal considers the possibility that additional long, "L", PHYs will be developed in the future.  This proposal considers single pair electrical PHYs up to 100 Gb/s.   This proposal groups all the "short reach" PHYs together followed by a group of all the "long reach" PHYs.

I have entered comment 446 to 802.3cg_D2p0 and am entering a similar comment to 802.3ch_D0p5.  This post is to share my thought process on this topic to help build consensus for the comment reviews in Spokane.  

Below are tables that show the current status of the specs (left table), rationale for the proposed change (middle table), and resulting usage of bits if these comments are accepted (right table).

Key for tables below:  "ability" is implied after each PHY speed.  This was left off to enable larger text in the cells.

                                        Red text illustrates a change to 802.3cgD2p0.

                                        Orange text illustrates a change to 802.3chD0p5.

                                        Blue text illustrates potential future PHYs.

A20 through A31 are not shown as I am not proposing any changes to the current definitions of this as defined by 802.3cgD2p0.

Natalie Wienckowski

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