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[802.3_NGAUTO] Announcing the start of Task Force Review of D1.0 for the IEEE P802.3ch Multi-Gigabit Automotive Ethernet PHY draft standard



As discussed at the November plenary in Bangkok,  D1.0 of the Multi-Gigabit Automotive Ethernet PHY draft standard has been posted for Task Force review in our private area:


If you need the password to the 802.3ch private area, please contact me at scarlson@xxxxxxxx.


The draft is open for comment until Monday, 31 December, 2018 AOE (  Our Chief Editor would very much appreciate receiving comments as early as possible.


Those wishing to make comments against the draft shall use the comment entry tool or Excel spreadsheet:

Please make sure you download and use the latest version of the tools. Please follow the comment guidelines in .

Comments will only be accepted as output files from the comment entry tool, or the comment spreadsheet. Comments received in any other format will be rejected.


If you have diagrams or figure changes, do not draw them in the Excel tool. Submit a PDF along with your spreadsheet/comment tool output file. If your comment requires supporting technical information, create a concise presentation that speaks only to that particular comment and make sure that it clearly indicates which comment it references.


This is a Task Force review. There is no APPROVE or DISSAPROVE vote, nor are there required comments (ER or TR.) The entire draft is in scope, and will remain in scope throughout the task force review and comment process. Any member of the Task Force may comment on the draft.


Only comment against the "clean" file without change marks.  The file with change marks does not show changes in Clause 97; however, all content in Clause 97 is new as we did not previously have this Clause in our draft


If you have questions about the comment entry tool, please direct them  to Natalie Wienckowski, Chief Editor. Please email your comment files/spreadsheets and any supporting material to me, scarlson@xxxxxxxx and Natalie Wienckowski,  NWIENCKOWSKI@xxxxxxx .


Comment review will occur at the IEEE 802.3 January Interim: . P802.3ch will meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning in Long Beach.


I would like to congratulate everyone for their hard work in getting to this important step in our project. I would like to thank Natalie Wienckowski for her tremendous effort in creating D1.0, and George Zimmerman, our Ad Hoc Chair, for facilitating our extremely productive ad hoc calls.


Happy commenting!






Steven B. Carlson

Chair, P802.3ch Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Task Force

Executive Secretary, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group
High Speed Design, Inc.

Portland, OR



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