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[802.3AZ] Draft 2.0 ballot result

Dear colleagues,

The result for initial Working Group Ballot on Draft 2.0 of IEEE P802.3az is as follows:

Voters                        208
Approve                       94
Disapprove with comment       21
Disapprove without comment    0
Abstain                       25
Returns                       140

Response Rate     67.31%
Approval Rate     81.74%
Abstain Rate      17.86%

Since the Response Rate exceeded 50% by the closing date, the
ballot closed on time and since the Abstain Rate was < 30% the
ballot is valid. Since the Approval Rate exceeded 75%, the draft stands approved. I would like to thank the voters for taking the time to review the draft. This is a significant step in advancing the standard towards completion.

There were 483 comments submitted, 197 E/ERs and 286 T/TRs Depending on how things go, we may have to extend the meeting time into the evening in order to process the comments, although I hope that isn't necessary. I look forward to a productive meeting in Chicago.

Best regards,


Michael J. Bennett
Chair, IEEE P802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet
+1 510 486 7913