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[802.3AZ] Draft 2.3 ballot results and April interim meeting announcement

Dear colleagues,

The ballot on Draft 2.3 of P802.3az closed at 11:59 AOE on Friday, March 5th.
The results of the ballot are:

Voters                         208
Approve                        119
Disapprove with comment          6
Disapprove without comment       0
Abstain                         21
Returns                        146

The Response Rate was 70.19%, the Approval Rate was 95.20%, and the
Abstention Rate was 14.38%.

The ballot was valid as it met the requirements for response rate
( >=50% ) and abstention rate ( < 30% ). Also, the necessary approval
rating has been maintained ( >=75% ).  I would like to thank those of
you who reviewed the draft for your hard work on this WG ballot.

Comments against Draft 2.3 of P802.3az are available here:

In order to go to sponsor ballot, the WG ballot process must converge.
There may be substantive changes made as a result of comments received
during this recirculation.  Thus, we may have to ask for a conditional
approval to go to Sponsor Ballot and conduct recirculations as necessary
rather than an unconditional approval.

We have the opportunity to have an additional BRC meeting before the May
interim.  To that effect, there will be a one-day interim meeting
on Thursday, April 8th to be held at and hosted by Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory. Teleconferencing will be available for that meeting.  
Details will be sent as we get closer to the meeting date.  Please remember
only people in the room may vote, so teleconference attendees may not vote.

For logistical planning purposes, you are requested to send me the
following information no later than Tuesday, April 6th:

First name:
Last name:

Once I have entered your information in our site access system, you should
receive a parking permit via e-mail. There will be food and beverages available
for purchase near the meeting room. Parking is extremely limited, so I recommend
carpooling and arriving early.

Attendance without prior registration would be subject to logistical constraints
and will not allow me to generate a parking permit for you.

Once again I would like to thank the editors and contributors for their hard work.

Best regards,


Michael J. Bennett
Chair, IEEE P802.3az, Energy Efficient Ethernet Task Force
Tel. +1 510 486 7913