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RE: Relative OSP Costs of PON vs. P2P

> As you can see from the graph, the PTP vs PTMP costs are sensitive to
distance - SBC calculated PTMP is close to the same at short distance, and
50% the cost at >5 km.  I'd like to know more about what is behind SBC's
data (if it includes equipment costs, I think so). I noticed that neither
you nor Martin Adams mentioned distance; an important variable.

I would like to know to which extent, cost of P2P has been found to be more
extensive, considering that active equipments could be installed in the same
manner than for VDSL in the street-end cabinets.  I believe that OCCAM is
doing this for xDSL. Aggregating residential P2P on giant fibre bundles may
work in Japan due to house densities, but it is more complex in
North-America, however still remains a serious possibility.  I would rather
see P2P compared to VDSL before P2P is compared to PON.

Fundamentally, PON will be subject to the same myriad of problems that open
access on cable modem plant is subjected to today, which are high-cost
terminals, which can potentially screw up your neighbor's service were they
going to become defective.  This has important implications on architecture
and policy for third party access.  Suffice it to say that such problems are
easily solved in P2P, and that I do not believe at all in comparing costs,
while forgetting about estimating the costs of implementing third party