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[EFM] plea for common subject preface

As a standards manager at SBC I find it necessary to try to follow a number
of different email discussions.  One problem is figuring out which messages
belong to a particular group.  Can we agree to preface subject lines with

I think there is an option on the IEEE exploder that will do this
automatically, but I am not sure.  The example I have in mind is the 802.17
RPRWG, whose message subjects seem to consistently have a preface of [RPR]
or [RPRWG].  As of this writing I'm not sure whether this is enforced by the
Majordomo or if it is only a courtesy item among the members.  

If this needs a formal action of the group, please put it on the agenda for
the next meeting.  I think most of us would be well served by being able to
sort out the EFM messages.  

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