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RE: [EFM] EFM aggregation P2P v EPON

Open Access varies with each country/local
requirements and definition. Is there a technical spec
for fiber open access for Canada (w/Quebec intact;-))?
How does it relates to EFM aggregation P2P v PON?

Nicolas Nguyen

--- "Francois D. Menard" <f.menard@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Can you summarize/clarify this - so I don't have
> to read the ~60 reports
> referenced;)
> You can check HSCO053A as a starter (there's a B
> version, much cleaner, not
> on the site, that I could rather mail to you or
> ne1).  Little of it is
> directly relevant to EFM, except that it backs up my
> statement that pure PON
> is less preferable than P2P when having to implement
> open access.   Costs of
> issues associated with having to implement Open
> Access may offset the
> savings of PON (unless by some magic the costs of a
> PON solution is still
> significantly cheaper than the costs of enabling P2P
> by adding more fibre,
> OSP support structures and field active equipment &
> cabinets).  Prices for
> PON CPE is still way high IMHO. 5 years of
> attempting to implement open
> access on cable modem plants, and 6 months of
> intense efforts, have resulted
> in this basic argument of "meaning of terminal to
> network compatibility".
> -=Francois=-

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