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[EFM] EFM p2p management track

Dear all

I am putting together a technical presentation for Portland, and I would
like to get a few co-sponsors please.

The abstract is as follows:

A simple hardware based method for combining 1GE full duplex repeater
functions, side band management and TDM circuit support at layer one, with
low latency and minimal jitter.

I would think that this would appeal to chip companies and equipment
developers that recognise that there is a desire for side band management in
the Service Provider customer base, and that support for T1 / E1 voice
circuits over fiber is also desirable to overcome the DSL cross-talk issue.

If you would like to know more about the presentation material please
respond directly to me rather than via the exploder. I am out of the office
now until Tuesday 19th.




BTW - if you haven't got flights yet I would suggest that you do it soon. I
ended up having to come in on the Saturday. I guess I'll go walking on the
beach on Sunday.