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[EFM] Introduction and Congratulations

Hello All, 

My name is Frank Coluccio and I just wanted to stop in and say hello, and to 
thank you all for the splendid work that you are doing. Also, I want to say 
congratulations! for the recognition that you received today relative to the 
press release.

In addition to my consulting calling, I happen to co-moderate a thread on the 
Silicon Investor Forum in my spare time (love of labor, only). In that vein the 
work that you are all doing here in EFM is a frequent topic of conversation, as 
are other developments in last mile (and MAN/WAN) technology. 

Today the topic arose concerning the potential convergence of some EFM constructs 
with those of FSAN, and I took a stab at rationalizing why something like that 
might take place. Hypothetically speaking, of course ;)

If anyone cares to get back to me on this, either here or off line, I'd 
appreciate it. If not, that's fine too. I just thought that you might find it 
interesting that such discussions are taking place during such an early stage of 
your work. 

It is not likely that I will be intruding here again for such a reason as this. 
Just wanted to say hello, and to say keep up the great work. 


Frank Coluccio