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Re: [EFM] RE: Wavelength allocation


I don't believe that the 10GE analogy is a good one. The IEEE P802.3ae
draft specified WDM as a PMD in Clause 53 with the same "weight" as the
Serial PMD specified in Clause 52. There is no "separate optical layer"
in 10GE/IEEE P802.3ae.

That said, I agree that wavelength overlays are important not to
preclude and that wavelength allocation maps are outside the scope of
EFM work for the same reason that multiple optical connectors and
transceiver module form factors are outside the scope of 1GE and 10GE

Best Regards,

gerry.pesavento@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> Good points.  I'm grateful for the perspective of a Carrier.
> > What I envision is multiple EFM solutions over the same fiber, maybe
> > co-existing with other solutions for broadcast video. In my opinion,
> > the frequency allocation map for the access network may be defined
> > independently of the core frequency allocation map.
> I agree that wavelength overlays are important to not preclude, because they
> may be used for dedicated P2P wavelength (CWDM or DWDM) service over P2MP,
> Analog video broadcast, etc.  But as far as the scope of EFM work, I don't
> think we have to go there; that is to say, wavelength overlay plans are
> probably not in the initial scope.  All we need to do is to allow for the
> possibility for use, and perhaps for future standardization. And then we are
> covered.  We reduce our work to more standard PMD, and do not shut the door
> to a wavelength access network.
> Maybe this is a good analogy -- 10 GbE, which has a more immediate demand
> for WDM compatibility for Metro.  This is not solved in the 10 GbE spec, but
> on a separate optical layer.
> Gerry
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