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[EFM] Looking for a January meeting host


Assuming that our PAR gets approved by the IEEE-SA
standards board, and that we are off and running
to develop a standard for Ethernet in the First
Mile, we need to do our advance planning for future
meeting venues.

At this point, we need a venue for a meeting 
in the very early part of January, 2002.  If you
would like to volunteer to host this meeting,
please send me an email, and I'll fill you in
on the requirements.

A few things you should know up front:

1) It could be quite a large meeting, because
there may be as many as 200 people attending
the EFM meeting, plus: (10 Gig), 802.3af
(DTE power), possibly 802.1, and possibly 802.17 (RPR).

2) If all of the various groups listed above want
to co-locate for an interim meeting, we will have
to find a venue for an entire 5 day work-week, with
groups meeting on different days.  Typical sleeping
room pickup rates are 150 to 200 rooms per night.

3) We often need several meeting rooms.  EFM will
need at least two meeting rooms, each large enough
for 100 to 125 people.

4) Hosts usually pay for Food and Beverage (though
it is not necessary to buy every one lunch) and Audio/
Visual Equipment.  Depending on how good a contract
you negotiate with the hotel, this can cost anywhere
from $10K to $40K. 

5) Given that we are going to Copenhagen this September,
and Edinburgh next May, there is a strong desire to hold
the January meeting in the US, preferrably on the West Coast.
Southern California would be great.

6) We encourage interim meeting hosts to retain the 
services of Face to Face Events, which provides the 
meeting planning services for IEEE 802.  The people at
Face to Face have been running our meetings for a long
time, and they really know how to save hosts money, and
plan a successful meeting.

So, if this sounds like something you'd like to take on,
drop me an email.  A few folks came up to me after the
meeting in Portland and indicated some level of interest
in hosting a January meeting.  I'd appreciate it if each
of you who did so could send me a note.


Howard Frazier
former Chairman, IEEE 802.3 EFM Study Group