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[EFM] Plans for September

Curtis (and any one else who is curious about the goals for September),

Assuming that the 802.3ah PAR is approved by the IEEE SA Standards Board,
the topics for the first meeting of the 802.3ah EFM Task Force will be:

1) Some organizational subjects: elect a chair, identify the timeline and
   major milestones for the project, organize sub-task forces

2) Refine the objectives

3) Review technical proposals which fulfill the objectives

The last point is important. We need to start putting together complete
proposals for each of the technical areas we have chosen to include in
our scope. "Complete proposals" usually consist of a suite of presentations,
each of which has a broad set of co-sponsors.  When taken together, each
of these proposals should contain sufficient detail (in the form of slideware,
and possibly with white papers as back up) so that if a particular
proposal achieves the required 75% approval, it can be converted into a
first draft of the 802.3ah standard.

Now, we won't get all the way there in September.  It will take us a few
meetings to refine the proposals, flesh them out, weed out the obvious
loosers, and build consensus around the winners.  My hope is that by 
January 2002, we will be able to select the winners, and start working on 
the draft immediately thereafter.