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RE: [EFM] EFM - PHY will need to be changed for ePON


I've stayed on the side lines through much of the 200+
e-mails that have bounced back and fourth since the
Portland meeting.

Without re-stating everything Jian & Bob said with
regard to the PHY and supporting OAM functions for ePON
I will go on record as saying that while I was at
Vitesse, and now at Zonu I saw the need for the Phy
to to take on the additional tasks to carrier out the OAM&P functions for ePON. It would become what some
refer to as a bridge chip where Tx&Rx serial data lines
were comunicating with the optics, and GMII, TBI, or
serial Tx/Rx signals with all ePON OAM&P packets were
generated/filtered communicated with a standard GBE

Basically I'm saying I aggree with what Jian and Bob
have written in this e-mail of last week.

-Tony Anderson

Director of PON Applications