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Re: [EFM] EFM Requirements

Thank you, Frank,

        despite I dig deeply into my dictionary to understand word "howdy" (as a
non English-speaking person).

        Anyway, seems I understand your point - fiber plus a copper mile
requires too big investment and may not justify the business case. Could be. But
what is the alternative? Wireless or relay connection? Cable connection?
Dedicated copper cable binders? My point is that when we talk about "reach
improvement" in a modern DSL that means 5-10 %. It is probably impossible to
make ADSL working over 15 kft with any decent bit rate, as well as it is not
possible to make VDSL working over 5 kft (I am talking 26AWG). So, we probably
need to take a look on business cases which doesn't require to disturb Mr.


Frank Miller wrote:

> Howdy Vladimir,
> My experience is from the US telephony industry as a CIO for a large
> tri-state ISP.
> If the target market for the technology is the provider (ILEC, CLEC, ISP),
> why not start
> with a set of engineering requirements that provide a reasonable business
> model.  I do not
> see the capital and market for any large fiber build out with copper for the
> last mile only, nor
> with a EFM solution that only hits 4.5KFt.
> First, the valuation of fiber has drastically reduced (in proportion to
> increase in bandwidth capacity).  Companies whom have banked on building
> fiber WAN/MAN networks are not where I'd
> bank my investment capital. Second, companies with current traditional xDSL
> technologies (Northpoint, etc) have not been able to build a working
> business model with current engineering requirements.
> The only companies that will be left standing to provision DSL will be the
> ILEC's, but their business
> is tightly controlled by various federal and state regulatory agencies.  In
> the state of Oregon, the ILEC required $70M of state capital infusion in
> order to even justify DSLAM's in rural communities.
> In this financial market, it makes business sense to start with a set of
> engineering requirements
> that reflect the reality of the current and future telecommunication market.
> I need a technology that
> I can stay profitable with .. I need reach.
> Frank
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> > Frank,
> >
> >      I would like to remind that EFM = Ethernet in the First
> > Mile, but not in
> > first 10 miles. To cover 10 miles it is probably assumed a
> > fiber for the first
> > 9.5 miles and some copper tail after. That's why PON is the
> > major topic in EFM
> > group as well.
> >
> > Vladimir.
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