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Re: [EFM] EFM Requirements

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 11:31:06 -0400  Sherman Ackley wrote:
> Coexistence with HomePNA on the same cable pair is essential.  This feature
> will be necessary in over 75% of households served with Integrated Broadband
> services.  For example, a data stream of 10 Mbps will support two MPEG-2
> high-resolution standard TV signals.  The DSL will carry this to the primary
> service set-top box/home gateway that can be located anywhere in the house.
> The Gateway device will terminate the video and data for use at the primary
> TV, it will then forward the second video and data over the same cable pair
> to other set-top boxes and PCs within the house using HomePNA.


	I'm in the rural Northern New England market.  We have a fair
number of rural phone companies up here; they serve about 18% of the

	I don't understand the "essential" statement above.  Does this
mean that if EFM doesn't work with HomePNA, EFM is worthless or is
there some other definition of "essential".  Where the 75% figure
comes from?

        It sounds like you have a good, detailed understanding of how
the customer will use this protocol.  My experience has been that it
is difficult to predict in less than the most general terms how
a protocol will be used.  Two illustrations which are vivid to me are
ATM, which was to replace the Internet protocols, and DSL, which was
to allow video on demand over phone lines.

> Finally, feedback on these ideas from other service providers and vendors is
> invited.

I think your emphasis on the importance of reach is spot on and I
could not agree more.  I think the analysis of how the service will be
used should not be used to make decisions.  It is impossible to know.