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Re: [EFM] EFM Requirements

Everyone is exploring SIP as a signaling protocol.  So what.  History is
littered with failed explorations.  

Might it happen?  Certainly.  Should we be able to support it if it
does?  Sure.  But SIP is the signaling protocol, it has nothing to do
with the data flow except to set it up.  Our L2 needs to have priorities
and be able to transport low loss/low latency data.  Its Ethernet, it
can.  There is nothing for us to do as far as SIP and Ethernet are

- Matt  

"Lough, Andy" wrote:
> Bob,
> my understanding is that most major carriers in EU are exploring SIP over IP as their packet voice protocol going forward. So I believe this decision is made, our focus should be to provide the best layer1/2 package to support this.
> R's
> Andy