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RE: [EFM] NTT, Ethernet

Yes, but they only seem to deploy in the richest neighborhoods as I
recall.  Perhaps they have expanded everywhere.


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Subject: Re: [EFM] NTT, Ethernet

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Hi Francois,

I don't call $50/month access charge (including CPE rental fee 
and basic charge) service the service for richiest neighborhood.
  ($50/month or 6100yen/month is the public information.  Please  see

Usen uses their own P2P fiber from their mini COs on the streets.
  No splitter, no PON as far as I know.  


>I visited Usen in Japan.
>Their solution is based on proprietary 100FX-ish media converters built

>into CPE fibre organizers.
>It is a no frills solution targeted at the richest neighborhood of 
>Tokyo at the moment.
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>Subject: [EFM] NTT, Ethernet
>Most of you probably caught this:
>NTT launching 100 Mb/s in Japan.
>"A Japanese government project, dubbed e-Japan,
>intends to connect 10 million households to 
>100Mbit/s networks and 30 million households 
>to 10Mbit/s networks by 2005."
>"Usen shocked the Japanese communications industry
>by beating NTT to the punch with a 100Mbit/s service 
>priced at $40 per month."
>This is amazing stuff, and it is Ethernet (go EFM).
>I'd like more insight (service mix, concentration,
>fiber, etc.) to this if anyone has it.
>Gerry Pesavento
>Alloptic, Inc.