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RE: [EFM] EFM Requirements

Sorry but I still have problem understanding your statements.  This may be because
I never fully understood the definition of 'demark point' and the purpose of it.
What is the purpose of defining 'demark point' and how does it affect the OAM&P
for EFM?  With a very limited OAM&P scope we are dealing with here, does it
really make sense to discuss the 'demark point'?  In another words, does carrier
or the network service provider honestly don't need to see all the subtended
CPE's to their Head ends?  (Even though the CPE's are not owned by them?)
How does the people who own CPE can remotely manage the CPEs without
having a managed channel over the Head End?
Also it seems to me that when you define the managed objects, you still need to
do both head end and CPE.  Depite of the fact that they might be owned by
different people.  We do this in xDSL by specifying the ATU-C (head end)
and ATU-R (CPE).  How does 'demark point' affect the need to define all the
managed objects for both EFM-C (just an example) and EFM-R?
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I believe that you misunderstood me, see below:

At 11:18 AM 8/20/01 -0700, Faye Ly wrote:
But I thought we (EFM) are not dealing with OAM&P issues as to
'plug and play ONUs'?  Where the demark point is, seems to me, is not
crucial to the plug and play ONUs. 
A fully plug and play ONU actually involves more than just demark point but also
the application that will deal with:
1. loop qualification
2. PC installation software
3. Diagnostic software such as ping or traceroute
I am not sure this is something we need to talk about at this forum but I do agree
with you that 'no truck roll' is essential to the deployment of the EFM technology.
But I also agree with Geoff that where the demark point is probably is besides the point.

I do not think that location of the demarcation point is beside the point.
I do think that who owns the physical box that encompasses the demarcation point is beside the point.
I do think that whether the physical box that encompasses the demarcation point is purchased from the exchange carrier or via the retail channel is beside the point