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Re: [EFM] Active Architectures

(in the context of David Horne's "half-PON" idea)
At 20:22 20/08/01 +0000, Frank Coluccio wrote:
>For extremely long runs, have you considered the tradeoffs of an 
>inexpensive cwdm
>solution in lieu of multiple strands coming back from the ONUs?

That was my first thought when reading David's proposal. In fact I already 
discussed similar views not only with David, but with lots of people in 
this list. That's the main reasoning to develop a wavelength alocation plan 
that allows for the future use of C/DWDM. Gerry Pesavento is going to 
discuss this issue.

As far as Mr. Horne proposal is concerned, I see one immediate problem. I 
assume that the 850 nm lasers are coupled to multimode fiber, and that the 
downstream PON needs to use a singlemode fiber. If this is correct, then 
every home would have to be served by two fibers of different construction. 
I've heard news of fibers able to carry both single and multimode signals 
but haven't seen any hard data on this.

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom