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RE: [EFM] EFM Requirements

> * We could backfeed the power upstream to the switch via a phantom
from the demarc box.

Interesting comment.  From what circuit do you see the power being drawn
from and from what source.  Who would be paying the bill for electricity
and ultimately, wouldn't that allow for a cheap generator to be also
installed in the edge?  Could you expand on what current (in terms of #
of voltage/amperage) that you could backfeed through a phantom circuit
... Heck if the drop is Cat5, this gives us 4 pairs for Ethernet, two
for a phone line and two for power ...

I find this most interesting because it fits into the equation of
community networks very well.  Everybody chips in to improve the
service.  If the service provider came to me and said :: I'm going to
compensate you 500$ / year so that you let me install this device and
draw electricity from your meter ...