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RE: [EFM] EFM Requirements

> What is the purpose of defining 'demark point' and how does it affect
the OAM&P
for EFM?  

The carrier is entitled proprietary control over all elements on its
network up to the network management interface in the demarcation point.
For this purpose, I do not consider an SNMP interface inside a CPE
device to be within the scope of the demarcation point (as it is in
DOCSIS).    It is extremely important to form an opinion on this issue.

> With a very limited OAM&P scope we are dealing with here, does it
really make sense to discuss the 'demark point'?  In another words, does
or the network service provider honestly don't need to see all the
CPE's to their Head ends?  (Even though the CPE's are not owned by
How does the people who own CPE can remotely manage the CPEs without
having a managed channel over the Head End?

This is a feature that has to be made accessible through an open access
point of interconnection to other ISPs.  It is currently the case in
Canada that cable carriers offer no visibility on the network management
side of the cable modems through the point of interconnection.  This is
not acceptable.