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RE: [EFM] Active Architectures

> As far as Mr. Horne proposal is concerned, I see one immediate
problem. I 
assume that the 850 nm lasers are coupled to multimode fiber, and that
downstream PON needs to use a singlemode fiber. If this is correct, then

every home would have to be served by two fibers of different
I've heard news of fibers able to carry both single and multimode
but haven't seen any hard data on this.

Coupled with a Ribbonet/Microtube type of architecture, it would be very
easy to order from one or many fibre optic suppliers a ribbon of two
fibres with a kevlar lashing that could be shot with an airgun through
the microconduit.

This also allows for the end-user to become the owner of the fibre optic
strand and to ultimately have a say onto which equipment its fibre optic
is patched to in the 300 metre radius physical layer collocation