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RE: [EFM] NTT, Ethernet

This NTT's strategy is P2P Ethernet, not EPON. What does it mean to EPON
people? This is not only happening in Japan, in fact this took place earlier
in China and Korea, and it moves in a much faster pace than PON (no matter
ePON or aPON), as I just visited China and Japan market.

If P2P moves so fast, shouldn't ePON people feel more pressure now from EFM
within rather than competing with aPON? The competition is not from aDSL,
cable modem, or MMDS, but from within EFM. 


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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 6:37 PM
Subject: [EFM] NTT, Ethernet

Most of you probably caught this: 

NTT launching 100 Mb/s in Japan.

"A Japanese government project, dubbed e-Japan, 
intends to connect 10 million households to 
100Mbit/s networks and 30 million households 
to 10Mbit/s networks by 2005."

"Usen shocked the Japanese communications industry 
by beating NTT to the punch with a 100Mbit/s service 
priced at $40 per month."

This is amazing stuff, and it is Ethernet (go EFM). 

I'd like more insight (service mix, concentration,
fiber, etc.) to this if anyone has it. 
Gerry Pesavento
Alloptic, Inc.