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RE: FW: [EFM] EFM Requirements

>> The only form of third party access at Layer 2 involves scalable 
>> management of lots of VLANs.  And we have yet to even begin
>> how many VLAN's we're going to need and if the 12 bit limit in 802.1Q

>> is appropriate.

>Perhaps I am missing something, but has it been decided that the above 
>is a requirement?  Wouldn't it be better to keep the initial spec. very

>simple and add this additional (hopefully optional) features later?

All in all, since the EFM specs needs to be transparent to 802.1xxx, it
seems that we are avoiding (postponing?) the discussion surrounding the
requirements in an EFM system to implement which portion of 802.1.
Since EFM is an 802.3 effort, than we are not allowed to talk of ways it
will impact 802.1?

I've asked Bernard Aboba of Microsoft to join in the EFM list to discuss
and become aware of the opportunity surrounding the implementation of
802.1X on an EFM system.  It seems to me that port authentication is a
requirement for EFM.

I'm asking this question openly :: when drafting the requirements
document for EFM, are we supposed to look at the entire problem set from
an overall systemic point of view, or are we supposed to talk about
requirements which may only involve EFM physical layer issues?

Where and when do we start questioning the VLAN limit in 802.1Q, the
suitability of enforcing priority tags and the necessary
interoperability with 802.17?  On what list can we deal with all EFM
issues from an overall perspective?

Is drafting a requirement document an official activity with a firm
deadline?  Is there an editor assigned to this project?