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[EFM] Requirements

The Project Authorization Request (PAR) for 802.3ah defines the scope
of the project as:

     Define 802.3 Media Access Control (MAC) parameters and
     minimal augmentation of the MAC operation, physical layer
     specifications, and management parameters for the transfer
     of 802.3 format frames in subscriber access networks at
     operating speeds within the scope of the current IEEE Std
     802.3 and approved new projects.

Note that there is no mention of adding priorities, extending VLAN
tag fields, DOCSIS head end compatibility, tftp, encryption, security, 
QoS, port authentication, interoperability with 802.17, voice, video,
or many of the other issues that have been raised on this reflector

We will be writing an 802.3 standard, which means that our scope
is limited to the MAC, the PHY, and layer management.  Fortunately,
these are very well defined and narrowly scoped areas for study.
That means we have some hope of completing the project in a reasonable
length of time.

It's okay to discuss issues above and beyond this scope, because
they might have an impact on the work we do within the scope, but
hopefully we all understand that:

A) Our first priority is to address the areas that are within our

B) We can make suggestions to other organizations regarding areas
outside our scope

C) Other organizations don't have to agree with us

We have one document to produce, and that is IEEE Std 802.3ah.
If, as we expect, the IEEE-SA Standards Board approves our PAR
on September 13th, then we will hold our first Task Force meeting
on September 17-19th, and organizational issues such as the selection
of officers (including one or more editors) will be an item of
business at that first meeting.

Howard Frazier
Dominet Systems