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Re: FW: [EFM] EFM Requirements

A beautiful sentiment which I whole-heartedly endorse.  There are enough
issues at this layer to deal with, lets not be climbing up the stack. 
- Matt

Roy Bynum wrote:
> Francios,
> I think that it has been recognized that any upper layer functionality,
> such as DHCP does not belong within 802.3.  This thread seems to going more
> towards a specific direction of application support, not part of what can
> be within the requirements of EFM.  This may be of importance to you and
> many other people, but it is an implementation specific upper layer support
> for specific applications.  It is distracting from what should be the real
> work of 802.3ah, EFM.
> Please do not confuse the issues with IETF IP standards implementations
> with what 802.3 provides.  Issues that you may have with IP application
> support needs to be taken to IETF, not 802.3.  Having tested Ethernet
> inherent performance properties over various systems and environments, I
> can assure you that whatever EFM comes up with, if your applications can be
> supported over a closed Ethernet full duplex link today, they will be
> supported by EFM.
> Thank you,
> Roy Bynum