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RE: [EFM] EFM Requirements


Disclaimer- Yes I have read Howard Frazier's message and I agree with everything he has said.
Therefore most of what I am about to say in this message should be considered to be unnecessary and redundant.
However, I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy so I will reinforce Howard's points

See comments mixed in below

At 09:35 AM 8/24/01 -0300, carlosal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

My take is that the EFM standard should have provisions for VLANs,

802.3 already HAS provision for VLANs. It is outside the scope of EFM to meddle with that

that in turn could optionally be used by vendors to implement bandwidth
reservation. A complete QoS implementation is not absolutely needed at this
level. This definition may be out of the 802.3ah scope. However, at least
the space for VLAN tagging should be reserved in the base frame format,
specially if there is any intention to improve on the limit of VLANs that
is imposed by the current tag size.

That would be outside the scope of the current project

Also, interoperability is an important issue.
If some EFM-compliant CPEs support VLANs, and others don't, then we
won't have true interoperability.

VLAN support is a MAC issue. We have only one MAC.


Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom