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RE: [EFM] EFM Requirements

In rural environs data delivery will probably be made by Fibre to the last
12 K feet.  In SBC land, POPs, Pairgains, or big boxes (currently Advanced
Fibre UMC1000) are installed at about 12 K feet from the subscribers.  The
last segment is planned to be copper because the ease of implementing the
copper.  If there is a dramatic driving force for data delivery that
provides large revenue when compared to cost this distance can be closed to
less than 3K feet.  But the span between the CO and the Pairgain will be
fibre.  The last thousand(s) feet will be copper.  There is lots of copper
in the rural subscriber loop near the subscriber.  There just is not any
copper between the Pairgains and the CO.  T1 is now being replaced with
Fibre as the build-out progresses.

Currently most of the rural loops are implemented with T1 to the Pairgains
and then copper less than 12 K feet to the subscriber.  SBC wanted to
warrant at least 1 Mbit ADSL, sweet spot 384 Kbit, to reach to all
subscribers when build-out of this technology is completed.

So, both copper and Optics are important.


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On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 09:32:44 -0400  Sherman Ackley wrote:
> This discussion about fiber to the home or to the curb is an interesting
> diversion, but is not what the work group should be focusing on.
> The focus should be on Ethernet over existing telephone company copper
> wires.  That is what we, the service providers, want to buy.


        As a rural CLEC I disagree with you.  I think that EFM over
fiber is at least as important as EFM over copper.  I think it is
short-sighted to only concentrate on the legacy network.
Realistically, all your constituents have to deploy an all fiber
network over the next period.  Otherwise, competitors will do it for