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RE: [EFM] OAM loop back / echo server function

> Remote loop back of Ethernet packets / 802.3 frames is a really bad idea.
> No mater how well intentioned it will go wrong sometimes and when it does
> it is really bad news.
> I thought we were looking at some form of simple echo server function i.e.
> take a received packet, swap the SA and DA, then send it back out with a
> new CRC, same payload ????

  There was a presentation to that effect at the last meeting, describing
the merits of the LLC2 TEST frame and how having something like it be
widely implemented would be a good thing. There will likely be a followup
presentation in Copenhagen discussing details of the proposed mechanism.
  I don't think an honest to goodness remote loopback, where the RX is
logically connected to the TX at the remote end, is even possible in EFM
for the simple reason that the links we're looking at may be asymmetric.
PONs and DSL-based copper solutions can provide more bandwidth in one
direction than another.