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[EFM] Carrier requirements for EPON, EP2P, VDSL

Hello all.

I'm working together with the EPON group to make a presentation at the
meeting on Copenhagen, at September 17. As a carrier, we intend to keep our
requirements as open as possible, as the judge is still open on which one
is the best. Obviously, there will be specific requirements for each
alternative (passive fiber, point-to-point fiber, or copper-based),
concerning mainly maintenance issues and reach limitations. Because of
this, we have a few questions:

- For now we're only aware of the presentations regarding EPON. Who is in
charge of the EP2P and/or Copper-based presentations?

- We can work three different documents, or we can put all the requirements
into a single document. What is the best approach?

- What is the standard way to deliver presentations? Does it need to be
Acrobat, or it's just a recommendation?

For now, we have a pretty complete 'service requirement' draft, that does
not depend on the particular technology being proposed; specific
requirements for EPON; and to a lesser extent, requirements for EP2P. We
can finish out the details pretty quickly given that we have a direction.
Please reply to us privately either or to the group if you have any
position on the issues above.

Carlos Ribeiro
CTBC Telecom