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Re: [EFM] Carrier requirements for EPON, EP2P, VDSL


For P2P copper presentations, please coordinate with Hugh Barrass
(hbarrass@xxxxxxxxx). For P2P Fiber presentations, please coordinate
with Vipul Bhatt (vbhatt@xxxxxxxxxxx).

The preferred submittal format is PDF.  I can accept powerpoint or
Postscript and then I can generate the PDF for you, but I really,
really, really want PDF.

Don't forget the submittal deadline of Monday, September 10th.

Howard Frazier

carlosal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello all.
> I'm working together with the EPON group to make a presentation at the
> meeting on Copenhagen, at September 17. As a carrier, we intend to keep our
> requirements as open as possible, as the judge is still open on which one
> is the best. Obviously, there will be specific requirements for each
> alternative (passive fiber, point-to-point fiber, or copper-based),
> concerning mainly maintenance issues and reach limitations. Because of
> this, we have a few questions:
> - For now we're only aware of the presentations regarding EPON. Who is in
> charge of the EP2P and/or Copper-based presentations?
> - We can work three different documents, or we can put all the requirements
> into a single document. What is the best approach?
> - What is the standard way to deliver presentations? Does it need to be
> Acrobat, or it's just a recommendation?
> For now, we have a pretty complete 'service requirement' draft, that does
> not depend on the particular technology being proposed; specific
> requirements for EPON; and to a lesser extent, requirements for EP2P. We
> can finish out the details pretty quickly given that we have a direction.
> Please reply to us privately either or to the group if you have any
> position on the issues above.
> Carlos Ribeiro
> CTBC Telecom