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[EFM] P2MP Table update, Sept 4th

Because there have been several new presentation notifications (P18, P19, P20, P21) over the past few days, I have attached yet another update to the Coordination Table.  
I encourage everyone in task-areas (PMD, Compliance, Protocol, Security, System, Liaison) to share draft presentations this week so we can start discussions and synchronize presentations while they can be revised.  
There are many individuals interested in this activity, all coming from different perspectives.   This will make for challenging work!   It is important to both respect the diverse opinions and to not lose focus on our objective: writing an 802.3 standard. 
Finally, I will start working this week on a summary/recap presentation for P2MP to cover such issues as:
    1. summary of what is needed from presentations going forward
    2. agreement and contention issues
    3. major tbds
    4. better methods for coordinating the effort
If you have any opinions on these topics that you feel need to be addressed, please contact me directly.  Thanks.
Gerry Pesavento
Office 925-245-7647

EPON List September Copenhagen Sept 4 Update.doc