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Re: [EFM] OAM loop back / echo server function


I don't think this is a stupid question.
I don't think we need an IP level PING
A L2 ping would do, perhaps even better, the demarc would look for PING 
type and then just swap SA & DA.
My expectation is that the demarcation device will need a MAC address
My expectation is that the demarcation device will probably end up with an 
IP address in order to support:
         SNMP for OA&M
         Firewall services for the subscriber

(That issue is, of course, beyond our scope)


At 03:47 PM 9/4/01 -0400, Fletcher E Kittredge wrote:
>On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:11:54 -0700  "Geoff Thompson" wrote:
> > As I have said before, I do believe that we will need a demarcation device
> > that has the capability to host OA&M functions.
> > We have talked about "loop back" from this point in the network.
> > Let us forevermore make that "PING"
>         Apologies if this is a stupid question, but does PING in this
>context mean the utility that sends an IP ICMP ECHO REQUEST packet and
>listens for an ECHO REPLY packet?  If so, am I correct in thinking this
>means the demarcation device would require an IP address?