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RE: [EFM] OAM loop back / echo server function

Geoff -

I agree with your analysis here.  If we provide a physical loopback, 
someone might be tempted to use it. This is a bad idea. And, as you 
observe, totally unnecessary given that there are other ways to achieve the 
same end.


At 15:38 04/09/2001 -0700, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>What I meant was that tying the transmit data stream directly to the 
>receive data stream at the physical level is a bad idea when you are part 
>of a live network. Since we don't have the concept of turning circuits up 
>and down that means it  is a bad idea all of the time.
>That has nothing to do with any "Loopback Protocol" which might reflect a 
>payload back at a transmitting entity inside valid Ethernet packets.