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Re: [EFM] OAM loop back / echo server function

[Date: 09/05/2001  From Seto]

Hi Tony,

L2 ping sounds similar to so many existing ping mechanism.  The 
difference, I think, is that we should define a mechanism small 
and straight forward enough that the mechanism would be  
implemented in MAC hardware.  

Sure, LLC Test may be implemented in the hardware, but many MAC 
are not LLC aware.  Also, LLC test is defined for bus topology 
and P2P topology networks.  We may be able to make it simpler by
 narrowing our scope of L2 ping to P2P network (including P2P 
emulated PON) only as was the case in 802.3x pause.  


>Geoff -
>The L2 ping sounds remarkably like the LLC "Test" mechanism to me ;-)
>At 15:02 04/09/2001 -0700, Geoff Thompson wrote:
>>I don't think this is a stupid question.
>>I don't think we need an IP level PING
>>A L2 ping would do, perhaps even better, the demarc would look for PING 
>>type and then just swap SA & DA.
>>My expectation is that the demarcation device will need a MAC address
>>My expectation is that the demarcation device will probably end up with an 
>>IP address in order to support:
>>         SNMP for OA&M
>>         Firewall services for the subscriber
>>(That issue is, of course, beyond our scope)
>>At 03:47 PM 9/4/01 -0400, Fletcher E Kittredge wrote:
>>>On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:11:54 -0700  "Geoff Thompson" wrote:
>>> > As I have said before, I do believe that we will need a demarcation device
>>> > that has the capability to host OA&M functions.
>>> > We have talked about "loop back" from this point in the network.
>>> > Let us forevermore make that "PING"
>>>         Apologies if this is a stupid question, but does PING in this
>>>context mean the utility that sends an IP ICMP ECHO REQUEST packet and
>>>listens for an ECHO REPLY packet?  If so, am I correct in thinking this
>>>means the demarcation device would require an IP address?